Discover the service edition of Altair Full Web Software

Finally, software designed by and for maintenance, multitechnical and after-sales service providers!

Altair Service Manager is the computer-assisted after-sales management software published by DSDSystem, based on the engine and the power of Altair Enterprise tools.

Main functions of the Altair Service Manager

  • Software Customer account management: quotes, invoices, contracts

  • Tree structure by customer, equipment and locations

  • Troubleshooting management (Intervention request, work order …)

  • Management of preventive maintenance (Ranges of operations, rounds)

  • Spare parts, purchases and stocks

  • Planning, assignment, authorization

  • Risk and security management (MMR, PPE, Single Document)

  • User hardship accounts management

  • Dashboard and key indicators (KPI)

The Benefits of Web Technology

Full Web technology is a bet made from the start of the Altair project. Web development in Java makes it possible to develop powerful tools, accessible from any computer or mobile terminal. The software evolves more quickly, adapting to your needs in all circumstances.

Thus, with Altair Service Manager, you have fully functional, portable and hardware-independent after-sales service software; all installed in record time on a local server or hosted by DSDSystem.

Deployment in the cloud or at home

Many small and medium-sized maintenance / after-sales companies manage their operational side in an artisanal way, at best with a spreadsheet, for lack of infrastructure and IT staff able to maintain and develop conventional, heavy and complex solutions.

Full Web technology has reduced the material and human resources necessary for maintenance management, and this technological choice has enabled Altair to put the after-sales software within reach of all companies.


Ideal for projects with an investment budget, deployment on premise offers you the greatest flexibility in terms of deployment and allows you greater autonomy in the long term.

SaaS rental

Perfect for small structures and tailored for larger ones, the subscription offer allows you to integrate access to the software in your operating budget, in a turnkey offer hosted in our cloud.

Vous disposerez également d’un espace documentaire dédié hébergé chez notre partenaire OVH, vous y retrouverez :

  • Les documentations utilisateurs et techniques
  • Les correctifs et les nouvelles versions
  • Un espace personnel d’échange de données (permet d’échanger des informations techniques avec le support)
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