Cloud CMMS and QHSE

In order to allow companies with an imitated investment budget for profit or preferring to opt for an integrated solution to operating budgets, the company DSDSystem has developed a partnership with the European leader in hosting OVH to design the CMMS Cloud.

A flexible architecture made possible by Full Web

Altair’s Full Web CMMS architecture naturally integrates the solution into a cloud. CMMS installation is made faster than ever before, with great data security and greater accessibility than ever for users.

Available from anywhere via a secure connection, the CMMS hosted in the Cloud is the ideal solution for multi-site companies, subcontracting maintenance companies and technical after-sales service where maintenance staff frequently travels to installations sometimes scattered.

The servers hosting the CMMS can be scaled at will and can adapt to smaller structures as well as to large industrial sites, which allows operating costs to be adjusted as closely as possible.

CMMS external deployment in SaaS

Déploiement externe de la GMAO en SaaS

Safety and simplicity


By reducing client-side interventions to a minimum, software maintenance is all the more economical, without increasing the human needs for site management and IT maintenance.

With the outsourcing of maintenance data, your CMMS is protected, remaining accessible even in the event of an accident affecting the computer system of the equipped site.

The CMMS Cloud is hosted in OVH’s secure datacenters, physically, humanly and technologically protected with the best possible means, on platforms labeled ISO 27001 and ISO 27002: data replication, restricted access, monitoring and maintenance 24 hours a day.


Cost minimized

By sharing hosting, software maintenance and reducing travel, the CMMS Cloud makes it possible to offer rental software at unbeatable prices.

Altair Enterprise CMMS SaaS (Software as a Service) gives you permanent access to a professional and complete CMMS for a few tens of euros per month.

DSDSystem’s expertise

DSDSystem has supported companies from all sectors of activity since 2003 in their CMMS and QHSE software deployment project. With more than 200 customer references and projects monitored over more than ten years, the company has put its expertise to the test of the simplest as well as the most complex projects.

Thanks to this, DSDSystem is your partner of choice in any CMMS and QHSE software deployment project, as well as for the optimization of your systems, the training of your staff and long-term advice.


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