Choose your CMMS or QHSE software


Choosing a CMMS or QHSE software is a decisive step in managing the maintenance, quality and security of a company.

Each step counts, which is why DSDSystem helps you determine your needs and find the most adequate response to your problem.

Our evaluation and choice strategy includes the following steps:


  • Project launch

The project team meets for the first time, objectives are set and responsibilities distributed, and basic information about your organization is collected.

  • Development of the case study

A case study for the new system is jointly developed by our team and yours, taking into account the needs for the system, its integration and its architecture.

  • Specifications

The functional needs and operational constraints are listed and sorted by priority. The selection criteria are then easier to assess.

  • List of publishers / resellers

CMMS and / or QHSE requirements are detailed in the form of a formal “call for tenders” in order to allow the various publishers / resellers to offer an adequate service.

  • Drafting of the invitation to tender

Based on our relationship base but also on an exhaustive search for solutions, a list of potential publishers / resellers intended to receive the invitation to tender is established.

  • Proposal evaluation

Everyone’s responses are evaluated and scored using predefined criteria. The list of potential solutions is then reduced and the best proposals are invited to be presented.

  • Negotiation and Drafting of the contract

The terms and conditions of the contract are finalized.

  • Implementation planning

A preliminary schedule is established and used in order to manage and coordinate the resources of the client, the seller and third parties, in order to ensure the success of the implementation.

DSDSystem’s expertise

DSDSystem has supported companies from all sectors of activity since 2003 in their CMMS and QHSE software deployment project. With more than 200 customer references and projects monitored over more than ten years, the company has put its expertise to the test of the simplest as well as the most complex projects.

Thanks to this, DSDSystem is your partner of choice in any CMMS and QHSE software deployment project, as well as for the optimization of your systems, the training of your staff and long-term advice.


Let’s discover together how we can meet your needs!

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