Altair Enterprise, web based CMMS software on purchase or rental

Altair Enterprise is DSDSystem’s maintenance management software.

Resulting from more than 12 years of research and developmentAltair Enterprise shows the maturity of web technology applied to maintenance management.

Main CMMS features of Altair Enterprise

  • logo-altair-gmaoComplete and flexible tree structure to organize your equipment
  • Curative maintenance management (Intervention request, work order …)
  • Preventive maintenance management (Ranges of operations, rounds)
  • Spare parts, purchases and stocks
  • Planning, assignment, authorization
  • Risk and security management (Risk analysis, Single Document, MMR, PPE)
  • 3D BIM
  • Dashboard and key indicators (KPI)
  • Exists in edition for after-sales service as well as declined for many activity sectors.

A fast, lightweight and powerful web technology

vignette-logiciel-webThe Full Web technology is a bet made from the start of the Altair project. Web development in Java enables to create powerful yet lightweight software, giving the advantage of being accessible from any computer without any installation. Thanks to it each access, each update of data or of the software itself takes considerably less time…

With Altair Enterprise, you benefit from a broad-spectrum CMMS software, lightweight and independant of user equipment ; all installed in virtually no time on a server or hosted by DSDSystem.

Purchase or subscription: a customized offer

Access to the CMMS software has been for long the privilege of large industrial sites, because of their heavy operation and the important needs for human resource dedicated. Small and medium sized businesses then ran their preventive and corrective maintenance in the traditional way, at best with a spreadsheet.

The Full Web technology has reduced material and human resources needs for maintenance management. This technological choice has allowed  to put Altair Enterprise CMMS within reach of every budgets.

Licence purchase

Ideal for projects with an investment budget, the license purchase offer you the greatest flexibility in terms of deployment and grants you a greater autonomy in the long term.

Location SaaS

Perfect for small bussiness and cut for larger ones, our subscription offer lets you integrate to your operating budget the access to CMMS, in a turnkey solution hosted in our cloud.

DSDSystem’s expertise

DSDSystem has been supporting companies from all sectors of activity since 2003 in their CMMS and QHSE software deployment project. With more than 200 customer references and projects followed over more than ten years, the company has been able to put its expertise to the test of the simplest as well as the most complex projects.

Thanks to this, DSDSystem is your partner of choice in any CMMS and QHSE software deployment project, as well as for the optimization of your systems, the training of your staff and long-term advice.



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